Board and Committees

Current Board of Directors

PRESIDENT 2019 Leo Brouwer  Primary Painting & Decorating Inc.
1st Vice-President Craig Mortlock  Mortlock Construction
2nd Vice-President Ken Wilkes Wilkes & Associates
Honorary Secretary Barry Whitnell Westmount Construction
Honorary Treasurer Brad Huggins Baker Tilley
Director At Large Ashley Mortlock Mortlock Construction
Director At Large Chuck White Rapid Lift
Director At Large  Steve Pope Sparkies Electric
Director At Large Richard LeClerc Sherwin Williams
Director At Large Steve Parkes Rehill's Building Supplies
General Contractors Rep. Dwaine Moreland Drain Brothers
Trade Contractors Rep. Larry McLellan Painter Plus
Mechanical Contractors Rep. Shane Dobbin Adamson & Dobbin
Electrical Contractors Rep.  Rick Yates SRP Electric
Mfg. Supplier & Serv. Rep. Brian Cox Nedco

2019 Committees

Executive Committee 2019 Leo Brouwer, Chair, Craig Mortlock, Ken Wilkes
Meetings & Special Functions Leo Brouwer, Chair, Donna Bailey
Finance Brad Huggins, Chair, Steve Pope, Donna Bailey
Community Liaison Craig Mortlock, Chair, Ashley Mortlock, Shane Dobbin, Leo Brouwer, Donna Bailey
COCA Rep Leo Brouwer
COO Rep Donna Bailey
Training Ashley Mortlock, Chair, Ken Wilkes, Chuck White, Donna Bailey
Membership Chuck White, Chair, Rick LeClerc, Donna Bailey
Social and Events Brian Cox, Chair, Rick Yates, Dwaine Moreland, Larry McLellan, Donna Bailey
Constitution Review Steve Parkes, Chair, Barry Whitnell, Leo Brouwer, Donna Bailey

Past Presidents

1961 – Current

Michael Sule 1961
*W.R. Hamblin 1962
*P.J. King 1963
*R.D. Huffman 1964
*J. Wolstenholme 1965
*R.A. Pearson 1966
*F.M. Behan 1967
Cameron Wasson 1968
*D. DeRivers 1969
*E.V. Maloley 1970
*Herman Kysander 1971
Keith Minaker 1972
*J. Stewart Munro 1973
Thomas Kavanaugh 1974
*Daniel Segriff 1975
Terry Lawson 1976
*Earl Law 1977
*Leen Berghout 1978
Mel Headon 1979
David Dobbin 1980
W.K. Mortlock 1981
Chuck Brown 1982
Don Bennett 1983
Kevin Kearney 1984
Gary Carr 1985
Kerry Doughty 1986
* Larry Aldrich 1987
*Len Hutchinson 1988
Carl Glahs 1989
Gary Webb 1990
Tom Mortlock 1991
William Joiner 1992
Wayne Taylor 1993
Chuck Rowles 1994
Dan Stanford 1995
Ed Cremers 1996
Doug Bean 1997
John Tewsley 1998
Steve Dawson 1999
Frank Bertrand 2000
Barry Whitnell 2001
Bart Barnes 2002
Leo Brouwer 2003
Steve Parkes 2004
Steve Latto 2005
Terry Fus 2006
Ron Nolan 2007
Steve Pope 2008
Gerry Howran 2009
Bruce Beukeboom 2010
Craig Mortlock 2011
Shane Dobbin 2012
Steve Pope 2013-14
Richard Kloosterman 2015
Craig Mortlock 2016-18

* Deceased Member