Code of Practice

Members of the Canadian Construction Association agree that, for construction work, which is to be carried out on a competitive basis using complete working plans and specifications, and in order to maintain the integrity of all competitive tenders, these provisions shall be followed:

  1. Competitive tenders which are publicly called should be opened at a fixed time and in presence of the bidders, or their representatives.
  2. A bidder shall neither seek nor accept information concerning a competitor’s bid prior to the opening of tenders.
  3. An owner should not recall tenders unless there is a substantial change in the scope of the work, in market conditions or other factors affecting cost: in such cases nor more than the three lowest tenders should be invited to tender again.
  4. A bidder shall never make known the tender of any sub-bidder to any other sub bidder before the closing of the tenders, and shall never use the tender of a sub-bidder in order to secure a lower proposal from another sub-bidder.
  5. A contractor should use tenders only from qualified subcontractors.
  6. Sub-contractors shall be advised immediately after the award of a general contract as to whether their tender was or was not used inthe making up of the successful contractor’s tender; sub-trade contracts should be awarded with the utmost possible dispatch.
  7. A contractor should award each sub-contract to the qualified subcontractor tendering the lowest price; if the award is made to any other sub-contractor, it shall be the latters tendered price.
  8. A contractor shall pay all sub-contractors promptly and in accordance with the terms of the contract for their contracted work.
  9. All services performed by one contractor for another where payment is required should be recorded and signed for at agreed intervals; agreement with regard to the payment for such job services should be reached and recorded before work commences.
  10. The Executive Committee of the Association shall take appropriate action regarding violations of this code.