MEMBERSHIP:  Subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, membership in the Association is open to firms/individuals as may come within one or more of the Groups listed below who are of good repute and moral character and who, in the opinion of the membership committee, of the section of the group in which they would be eligible, possess honesty, integrity, financial responsibility, and experience in the work covered by the group in which they seek membership.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  Firms/individuals not residing or carrying on business within the the City and Counties of Peterborough, City of Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland, Hastings, Haliburton, and Durham Region may be admitted to membership on the payment of dues and membership fees prescribed from time to time, but shall NOT thereby become entitled to hold office or vote at any meetings of the Association.


  • Group 1:
    All contractors handling one or more of the basic trades such as masonry, carpentry, concrete work, etc. being those who take contracts involving the letting of sub-contracts to trade contractors.
  • Group 2:
    All contractors usually known as trade contractors or sub-contractors and who confine their activities to one trade without sub-letting the same.
  • Group 3:
  • Group 4:
  • Group 5:
    i) Manufacturers, ii) Material and Supply companies or individuals, iii) Miscellaneous, including bonding companies, insurance companies, trade journals, credit information, etc. and all other firms/individuals having direct or indirect contact with the building industry.

To become a member and to access our great benefits, download our PDCA Membership Application.  You must complete our membership application and return it to our office along with a cheque and two (2) recommendations, in writing, from active members of our Association. 



Up and Coming Tenders – A “Members Only” password-protected list of jobs out for tender, revised for your convenience with up-to-date information.

Plan Room Service – A plan room is available for the use of members and the Association to view all plans and specifications, which they are able to obtain.

Access to the ‘Out for Tender’ page – All of the PDCA Members are granted access to the Out for Tender page on our website. This allows you to browse through upcoming jobs and tenders from the convenience of your home or office.

Labour Relations – The Association is willing to assist in any way, which they possibly can with regard to labour relations problems.

Meeting Room – A meeting room is available for members to hold meetings of the various trade groups or labour relations meetings, or any type of meeting which involves the members of the Association.

Reproduction Service – Photocopies and Blueprint copies available for a nominal charge. Printing available from various electronic formats.

Breakfast Meetings – Breakfast meetings are held and interesting speakers, related to the construction industry, are featured.

Social Events – The highlight of the year is our golf tournament in September.

Bulletin/Newsletter Service – Bulletins are published weekly to keep members informed as to upcoming social events, activities of the Association, and any news of interest to the members.

Oath and Affidavits – A Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits is in the Association office, and commissioning is free of charge to member firms.

Training – The Association schedules various training and development opportunities throughout the year, as new courses are offered by the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association and other organizations, or as the need arises among the members.

Membership Directory and Buying Guide – This roster of members and services of the Association is updated and published as a promotional tool. It is distributed to all members to assist them in dealing with one another. It is also distributed to Architects, Engineers, Owners, Developers and other people of influence in construction to encourage them to consider our members when engaging in the construction, maintenance or improvement of buildings and infrastructure.

Website – The PDCA website, like the Membership Directory, exists to promote our members and services. Additionally, the site is more frequently updated with news and information concerning current and upcoming events. It will prove to be an invaluable tool to our members and would-be supporters in the coming years.